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Happy National Honey Bee Day!
In honor of National Honey Bee Day this past weekend, we have some exciting news to share. As part of our sustainability and environmental goals, we are announcing the installation of a beehive at Eaglewood Shops in North Andover, MA.

photo of beehive installation at Linear Retail's North Andover property

Photo from Installation Day at Linear’s Honey Beehive in North Andover, MA

Our collaboration with Best Bees, an organization dedicated to beekeeping and pollinator health, will be beneficial to our local ecosystem. The beehive will support the growth of diverse plant species, including those in our community and neighboring areas. Additionally, we will be able to harvest honey from our own hive later this year!

We have installed the beehive in the rear of Eaglewood Shops behind Staples. The site offers the perfect amount of sunlight as well as distance and privacy for the hive.

About Best Bees
Best Bees installs and maintains honey beehives on commercial and residential properties across the US. These hives serve as data points in their network of data-yielding hives and as the foundation of their scientific research. Their mission is to improve bee health and expand the bee population.

photo of Best Bees beekeepers in front of van waving

Beekeepers from Best Bees

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