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Photo of new Aroma Joe's in Manchester, NH

Aroma Joe’s | North End Shops at Livingston Park, Manchester, NH

Aroma Joe’s, the coffeehouse chain renowned for its handcrafted brews and energy-infused concoctions, has now set up shop at North End Shops at Livingston Park in Manchester, NH. Located at 527 Hooksett Road, this latest addition to the franchise promises to delight caffeine aficionados and energy enthusiasts alike with its menu options.

Aroma Joe’s joins a mix of tenants at the North End Shops, including popular eateries La Caretta and Wrap City, as well as the health-conscious Playa Bowls, creating a vibrant culinary hub for locals and visitors alike. North End Shops is 1/2 mile south of exit 9 on I-93 and two miles north of downtown Manchester and has 1,600 SF available for lease.

Drive-thru and check out Aroma Joe’s out if you’re in the Manchester area!