108 Newbury St. marketing
  • By: Julia Brutto

How to Make Engaging Marketing Content

Linear launched outstanding marketing campaign to lease renovated 108 Newbury St

By, Linda Day Harrison, The Broker List :

I look high and low for engaging marketing content initiatives! This week, one came to me! One of our treasured colleagues and leaders of the #CREmarketing call, Diana Perry of Linear Retail, dropped me an email to invite me to check out one of her recent projects, 108 Newbury Street in Boston. I truly had no idea whatsoever I was about to experience and quite frankly did not know it was going to be an experience!

The link was to a Facebook page viewing party. I was very, very intrigued. That was the first time ever, I was invited to a commercial real estate event that was a “viewing party”! My curiosity was totally piqued. I asked Diana how she came up with the idea of the viewing party:

“We came up with the idea to do a VIP Viewing Party because we were so excited to launch the videos but we wanted to share them with our own retail real estate community first. We sent out gourmet chocolate-covered popcorn and a vintage-looking movie ticket. I think we’re all missing in-person events so much so sending a little package was a fun way to make our VIPs feel special, show we’re missing them, and let them know we’re up to something unique.” Diana Perry, Linear Retail

I logged on to Facebook today and was literally viewing “Live”, an incredible story behind one of the Linear Retail projects in Back Bay Boston. To me it was a compelling and interesting documentary, that transported me to Boston and educated me on the history of the Back Bay area. The cool part was how the video captured the history of the actual building and told a deep story of how this particular building had such deep roots in the community. It was a celebration of a building and a story of a development that was filled with community and passion. Diana shared with me her process in making this video:

“Almost immediately in the brainstorming phase, we decided we wanted to use video as a medium to highlight our 108 Newbury Street space and renovation. Video evokes emotion and builds connectedness I think. We also knew we wanted to do something completely different to market the space, something our industry had never seen before. In thinking through what that would look like, we started with the facts but built a story from learning more about the history of the Back Bay of Boston, Newbury Street, and the architecture of the building. We want the future tenant that plants their flag here to feel connected to the area and the history, to feel a part of something bigger than just leasing a retail space. Our production company was spot on in helping to craft the message and produce a professional work of art that is educational and entertaining.” Diana Perry, Linear Retail

It was a celebration of a building and a story of a commercial development that was filled with community and passion. @diperry_ #cremarketing #BackBay #Boston #RetailCLICK TO TWEET

Being an advocate of buildings all of my career, I absolutely loved the approach and style of being part of this experience. It truly motivated me to give a shout-out to Diana Perry and her team for doing something “out of the box” to market a new development. There is so much competition for our eyeballs today and it is hard to always find the quality in things, but this was extremely high quality and so very well done.

I am going to call this “Best of #CREMarketing” and a wonderful example of creativity in our industry. I think this will start a trend in us looking for the best of the best in commercial real estate marketing. Thanks for including me, Diana.