• By: Julia

How To Be Productive While Working From Home

By now we’ve all spent ample time working from home but it doesn’t mean we’ve all had the same experience. Read below for some WFH tips to help stay productive.

Get up and take a shower at the regular time, this will keep you in your routine and make you feel refreshed. Get dressed for the day, make a cup of hot chocolate and step outside for 5 minutes before signing online. When you do sign on, work at a desk or table, not on the couch.

Stay up to date on commercial real estate industry news.

Some helpful sites are New England Real Estate Journal, The Real Reporter, Bisnow Boston, and Shopping Centers Today

Put a list together of everything you would like to get done for the day

and prioritize it (be realistic, you aren’t Clark Kent), THEN go through your email. If you know you don’t have any pressing deadlines, close out your email for an hour at a time to focus on a specific project.

Call at least 5 people today

Constant communication and excellent information is what builds relationships in this industry. Give a call or drop a message on one of your contacts social media pages.

At lunchtime, browse your own social media sites

Sign in to Linkedin and make an update and respond to at least two contact’s posts. Make one post on your twitter account and facebook if it is a work account; don’t even sign into your personal facebook account, we all know what that does to your day.

Send an email to your boss at the end of the day

updating him/her on what you accomplished; having this in mind will make you more focused and motivated.

You got this!