• By: Julia Brutto

Abbott’s Frozen Custard Lexington

Back in 1902, Arthur Abbott was traveling the Eastern Seaboard with the summer carnivals, entertaining crowds and, in his spare time, perfecting his secret recipe for frozen dessert. Years later, he opened a stand in Rochester, NY across from Charlotte Beach. The word got out about his delicious treats and a buzz began around Abbott’s Frozen Custard.

In 1957 as Arthur considered retirement, he met Lenny and Tiby Schreiber who wanted to carry on his delicious traditions. Arthur felt that they, along with their daughters, were the perfect family to continue on the Abbott’s legacy. To this day, Tiby’s frozen custard novelty, “Turtle” remains a signature Abbott’s treat to this day.

The original stand at Charlotte beach still serves custard to this day, and over time Abbott’s has grown nationally and kept their focus of the company motto, “…it’s always been about the taste!”  In addition to frozen custard, today they serve a selection of cones, dishes, sundaes, pies treats and more.  Abbott’s joins the Lexington, MA community in the Giroux Building located on Mass. Ave. They also offer delivery and you can order online! We definitely recommend a dipped waffle cone for your custard..